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How it Works (Our Process)

Once you’ve found your sonographer and machine, we’ll visit your office to train your sonographer on our rheumatology-focused MSK ultrasound scanning protocol. After training is complete, you’ll be able to order clinical studies for expert interpretation. You order what MSK ultrasound study you feel is medically appropriate, and the sonographer scans per the protocol they have been trained in. Studies are submitted to our practice via our online PACS application.

One of our rheumatologists interprets the images submitted and issues an expert professional interpretation detailing his impression of the study findings. Your office collects the technical component of the study to reimburse you for the cost of the machine and sonographer, and our practice collects the professional fee associated with the study. We’ll work with your billing staff to make sure claims are coded correctly so you’ll get properly reimbursed.

How it Works Ultrasound Interpretation Service
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