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Ultrasound Interpretation

Lots of rheumatologists do MSK ultrasound, but MSK ultrasound is all we do. Drs. Anderson and Jessee have dedicated themselves to helping other rheumatologists better incorporate diagnostic ultrasound into their practices by helping remove barriers to use.

Being rheumatologists themselves, they know that a provider's day is filled with time-consuming complex patients, insurance forms, and practice management needs. This leaves little time to do truly thorough ultrasound-based disease assessments on all the patients who need it.

By allowing your sonography technician to interface with patients and allowing our expert rheumatologists to produce clinically useful and billable documents, MSK ultrasound need not be an encumbrance to running an efficient and clinically effective practice. We even provide a cloud-based PACS at no cost to you for transmission of images and reports.

Curious about how your practice compares to others with regard to use of MSK Ultrasound? Download our free 2021 MSK Ultrasound Benchmarking Report.

Ultrasound Interpretation
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